Any tips on rezzing a model?


I copied the hificrate.fbx my Dropbox. I shared it and can download it with a direct link. When in sandbox or TheMall I put in the URL for upload but the model fails to show. I can see it in the entities list and click the bounding box and delete it. Just can’t see it. I am doing this as a test to see if I got everything setup right so I can start importing my assets from 3DS Max. If I select the same model from the Market Place it rezzes with no issue.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.


Hello @VR_Architect - I just wanted to mention that the way FBX files function on a server back end is different than what is usable directly from a non public folder in drop box.

The FBX has to be able to unpack its contents to a folder on the back end so it can be able to be pulled on the front end.

You need to understand how an FBX is processed through Interface to understand why things are not being displayed.


Can you please explain further ? Because i had the same issue.


Dropbox will not work unless you have a working “Public” folder, which comes from old accounts pre-2012 or have a pro account.


But i used a private fileserver. It did not work either. Does the directory need special permissions ?


@Adin go to Tools > Package Model then pick your fbx and choose entity model. It will create a directory and the fst to reference


Thank you. I will try it.


Thanks @Coal that’s what I needed. Any recommendation if power of 2 is required?


You can try it, I don’t think its a requirement now @VR_Architect - it used to be but you can try both ways.


Power of 2 is not a requirement, just best practices.

Also remember most SL textures are .tga. targa textures will fail and must be converted to png to preserve alpha.
That will cause an empty upload.

The item will appear as a bounding box inworld and will also appear on the entities list, no matter what.
Even if you point to a fictitious location or an empty file, it will still behave that way and put an empty bounding box on your screen and list it. You still should delete the empty bounding boxes.

Also worth noting, if you try to upload a modified fbx file with the same name, it will load the old cached one.
Either upload as a different name each time, or restart the interface each time.

In some cases the object has arrived but you still see an empty bb, and a quick relog will reveal the new model.