Anybody else having problems like this?


For the last 4 or more days one of my domains has been crashing at least once or more a day. It is a Win 7 stackmanager setup and I am running two sound AC scripts and one avatar/bot AC on it.

I just added the AV/bot script the other day so, not sure if it has anything to do with it. The first thing I notice is that the sounds start getting “crunchy” sounding, like they are dropping out. Eventually the sound becomes so bad you can not tell what it is. At some point the AV/bot stops animating.

When I look at the domain, I see error window that says stack manager has stopped working, although I can still go to the domain… and things get downloaded etc.

If I try to look at logs I get not responding message. And when I shut it down, I look at running tasks and see that I’ve got 14 ACs and a domain server process still running, which I have to force close to be able to restart the domain.

It also seems that sometimes when I shut down an AC process, it re-spawns. When I start it up, it seems to only have 6-8 ACs running. I have not looked at the memory usage yet, I suppose a leak could be the problem but the multiple ACs make me wonder …

Anyway, has anyone else seen stuff like this?..


I have had to remove the bot.js from the auto-run scripts in Stack Manager settings. Prior to doing so, I was getting the Assignment Client crashing very frequently and on a regular timed schedule. I never investigated long enough to determine how many crashes per minute, etc. I just knew that taking the bot.js out of auto-ran scrips would probably fix the problem.

Didn’t report anything until just seeing your post. Didn’t find it required to run bots; and was hoping when I did, the issue would already be sorted.


Win 10
RE. when using bot.js
I have this
// animatedAvatar.js
// examples/acScripts
// Created by Howard Stearns 11/6/15
// Copyright 2015 High Fidelity, Inc.
at my server

When run as an AC script my local host constantly runs 6 agents (my avatar is not logged on), this has gone on for weeks and i have tolerated it
The second spawns quickly after the first, then the 3rd 4th etc until 6 and seems to sit at 6 , but i don’t have a crashing problem