Anybody have a working Script to Open a Door?


I found 2 references on the forums to this, but neither had a good working script. I am attempting to fix the scripts I got, but if someone has one, it can save me a lot of effort.



Not sure if this matches exactly what you’re asking for BUT, in case it’s helpful, there is a script in your script library to create a hinged door.
To use it, in Interface, open Running Scripts (ctrl+j) and in the script library (lower table) navigate to developer > tests > dynamics > dynamicTests.js
If you load this script, it will create an app on your toolbar/tablet that is called ‘Dynamics’ and the app has a rezzable ‘Hinge Between Swinging Door and World’ that will create a swinging door for you that can be swung open and shut with both a mouse cursor and hand controller grabs. by default the door has a lifetime of 120s but you can rez it without a lifetime by setting the Lifetime field in the app to -1

This app’s demos rely on hinges and constraints that are still in development so you may encounter some weirdness, but it is definitely fun to play with.