Anybody using the 'Circle' or 'Quad' shape types for ShapeEntityItem?


Some of you may have noticed (for almost a year now) the ‘Sphere’ and ‘Box’ EntityItems are actually subtypes of the ShapeEntityItem (‘type’ = “Shape”). Other ‘shape’ options include:

"Quad" (doesn't render, collides wrong)
"Cube" (actually tranlsates to entity 'type' = "Box")
"Sphere" (actually translates to entity 'type' = "Sphere")
"Torus" (doesn't render, collides wrong)

I don’t want to get into a long discussion about all of these types but I’m wondering if anyone happens to have used the ‘Quad’ and ‘Circle’ types for real content? Probably not, because they are bugged but just in case…

The reason I’m asking is that I want to replace all instances of those with flat ‘Cube’ and ‘Cylinder’. For reference please see this pull request:


The Shapes app has a Circle entity on its palette as one of the entities it can create. I can readily remove this entity type from the app if wanted. (It already has cube and cylinder entities in its palette.)


@ctrlaltdavid, if that “Shapes App” is in our main codebase then I probably already removed “Circle”, although it occurs to me now that maybe I didn’t fully remove “Quad” from various UI yet. I’ll go back and check. If the code for that app lies elsewhere then yes, it should be removed soon.

This forum post is a query to see if anyone is using the feature yet. I doubt many people are: the non-Box-or-Sphere shape types aren’t very useful IMO.


Nevermind. I’m going to remove these shape types after all. It is easier to just fix them. That PR is about to be changed.

As long as they render correctly, collide correctly in the physics engine, and their flatness is enforce… then I don’t have a problem with them.


@leviathan Yes, the Shapes app is (currently) in the main codebase in the unpublishedScripts directory. I see that you removed it from the Create palette, OK. There’s also an FBX asset file that should be removed (I’ve commented in the PR) if the circle shape type is removed.


I’ve used Circle in a couple of my experiments, but not in any real content.