Anyone else using 3ds Max


Making a simple composite texture in 3ds Max has always been straight forward for me. So I made a simple wooden box in 3dsMax, made the normal and AO maps in MudBox. I exported it as an FBX for Blender: But then instead of importing the file into Blender for exporting again I tried to uploaded it straight from 3dsMax to amazonaws
I was pleasantly surprised to the my box imported into HIFI with the materials I created in 3ds Max. Although I have to still figure out size to make the export.
When it comes to making composite Texture in Blender I am totally lost. They are no easy to follow texturing tutorials made for Blender to SL or HiFi


if u can use max just use max


I use a combination of 3DS Max and Sketchup. For objects with mostly straight angles and lines, Sketchup is incrediably fast and simple for geometry. Then 3DS can import Sketchup files directly and I do my texturing there. Then export to FBX from 3DS straight into HiFi with no issues. If you need the settings, let me know. There is a lot of great tutorials on YouTube.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah setting would be very helpful. The box I made was so big I did not see it in the sandbox.


Sorry to bump a very old thread - I’ve been trying to export some 3DS Max models to .FBX and import to High Fidelity, but they import with no textures. Any chance you could elaborate on what settings you use? I haven’t been able to find any other discussion on the matter!


When I joined Hifi it took me months for figure exporting from software and importing to HiFi. However so much has changed over the year and I have giving up trying anymore because one never knows when they are going to change things again.


Hi, sorry to trouble you. Can you post your settings on this post. I export FBX with embedded media. But when I import it into Highfi, it lost all the textures and materials.