Anyone tried high fidelity on linux mint?


Right now just looking around, but. Anyone tried high fidelity on linux int ?
And how you compile it, i think the ubuntu instructions can be used.

One of the 2 would be intressting i think
Betsy Debian Jessie Long term support release (LTS).
17.2 Rafaela Ubuntu Trusty Long term support release (LTS), supported until April 2019.


I havent i dont even know what linux is i prefer windows and heres a picture of as kitten


Windows where good, but with windows 10. Am not so sure. The made things to flat, and because it’s to flat and not enough differences between active windows. buttons in the taskbar it’s not better. Not to forget teh verty limited options to customize it so it works right.

And, it’s slow ! But it can be the upgrade too. neve rdone upgrade before.