Anyoner else use a (vps) server that is running more then only High Fidelity on it?


I want some other virtual software out of my home. yes opensim.
So my idea is to cancel the correct 6 vcore 6GB vps for one with 8 vcores and 8GB memory. Thats enough for opensim and enough for high fidelity.

Only not shure if voice keeps working good.

Only not sure in what way the go bite, at the other side it’s a good test setup for later when we can test resource sharing.

Just want to know if there are otehrs that run High Fidelity on server with other applications on is, mabye with higher load. Also intressting.


Yes, I run also Osgrid at my server.


I have also ran OS on the same server as HiFi without any noticeable problems. But I am not sure if there was ever a time when both had active visitors at the same time.


Thanks, cancelt the current vps. So my domain can be down for some days. As soon this one is cancelt i get a better one that’s 1 or 2 steps higher.

Ok, i have this vps until december :open_mouth: