API about avatar face controlling


I am now working on the avatar facial expression development. I have some questions about the api of avatar face.

  1. Is there any api I can use to control the avatars’ eye blink or mouth? For example, can I let the avatar’s mouth to ‘m, o, ah’ shape by send a command to some api? Is there any api I can try?
  2. I have saw the dsl of high fidelity and it introduced the blendshapes, but I do not know how to use this. The blendshapes may solve this problem, is there any example to show how to use this?
    Thank you guys so much!


So you can somewhat control the eyes, in that you can adjust the blendshapes for the eyes (like how much they are closed and whatnot), but not the direction they look (that seems to be more or less hard coded in).

For most of what you are asking for, you would want to look into MyAvatar.setBlendshape, which there is a good example included under the developer folder for Interface.

Do note that for others to see it, you will need to also run MyAvatar.setForceFaceTrackerConnected(true). Effectively, it just broadcasts the blendshapes your client generates rather than let the other client’s generate them on the fly.


Thank you! I will test it!