April 10 2016 - Sunday hangout @ Sandbox 6 pm GMT


Come to the sandbox on Sunday April 10 2016 at 6 pm GMT to hangout and all :slight_smile:

Just Hanging out, and talking about VR, showing off stuff, and other general discord.


Uhmm 9 april is saturday. you better change it in 10 april


Yeah ofcourse, mistyped that. thanks for the spot


we’ve moved to hifi://@Menithal hifi://sigularity



been trying to get a friend setup with a CV1 on a 980M (supposedly unsupported) looks like the hand controllers are going to good use!



I am using a 780 TI, overclocked to the same level as a 980 TI :smiley:


I tried to tell him it wasn’t going to work, he’s as stubborn as an ox; but I remembered @chris was using a laptop to power his rift. Now that I think about it, that might have been only the DK2. Not sure. Not going to spend any more time on it today… or ever. The worst part of it, is he ALREADY has a desktop powerful enough for VR but wont get on board with it until it’s more mobile-friendly. Guess he’ll be a no-show for another 3 to 4 years.



The laptop 970M is well below specs. The laptop 980M is slightly below minimum specs.