Are others getting nuts too, from the many times wrong default playback?


This so annoying. It’s the fault of how HTC have implemented audio in the first case. mabye there’s other problem.

But it happens so many times that the default device is wrong. and steamVR seems not to switch things back or switch it to the HTC setting. Still not sure if this problem happens after i use high fidelity.

But it drives you a bit coo coo. need to check so many places.



It assigns the correct audio settings which I have assigned it when I start and stop SteamVR.

Only issue is the fact that when I open high Fidelity, it defaults to opening steamVR and assigning it even if I dont want to use the headset: And there being separate settings for High Fidelity vs Windows (which steam Vr assigns)


Using the desktop version only because that problem of steam starting when you start high fidelity and not want steam.

I think things work pretty fine when your in desktop mode. things start to get screwed when you use steam. It’s just a shame you need the whole clumpsy steam for the HTC vive.

Anywya, sometimes spontanic my default device is wrong.