Are there better ways to move camera in create mode?


I noticed it let me get puzzled behind.
The camera controls in edit mode are close to impossible to work with.

You have the

  1. F - Key.

Problem, it only let you zoom in or out or rotate around the cube with the cursor keys . there’s no function to move up and down. So the function is crippled and hard to use. Especiallon big objects

  1. You can move the avatar closer to the object

Only works in some way with small objects

Especially the lack of having pgup and pgdown in F-key mode makes edit something big a pain. You need to scrool so far out that you cannot do any preciese placement anymore.

Yes you can double tab F. but then your camera is to high to see the floor and get a correct placement. And i cannot move cam up and down.

Why are there not camera controls like SL to use in build mode. That give you the freedom to place things correct without screaming. I have so far not found a good way to work with object in edit mode.

Are there not better controls ? or are things fixed so it works good with cursor keys + pgup and pgdown ?


My adaptation of the inspect.js script lets you move your camera as you wish: