Are there Performance Limits with high number or dynamic objects?


Hi, we are building an environment with alot of 3d assets. I was wondering, is there a performance limit for the amount of object or polygons we should have in a High Fidelity world??

We are also working on making our project more interactive and have started putting in dynamic objects to play basketball, bowling etc. My question is does eat up our performance if we have hundreds or dynamics objects? For Instance we have alot of bottles, glasses, cups etc, in one building, is it okay to make like 150 of these things dynamic so the user can interact with them? Pick them up? Throw things to disturb other things?

We are thinking about putting a bunch of Dynamic Objects in many buildings in our world. Will this make a performance hit, or is this fine to do?

Are there any High Fidelity Limits as to the number of objects, total file size, dynamic objects or anything like that?



Dynamic objects are simulated on the client side, and then synchronized over the network to others. Physics are owned by someone who has recently interacted them, and it can cascade down, depending if that object interacts with other dynamic objects.

It has some kinks due to this and can behave in odd ways occasionally, so naturally, you should limit the amount there areā€¦

So the limit to object physics and polygons are entirely client specific, because otherwise you may overload people who come visit, the limit it self it what ever the hardware someone is comming in.

There are no Hard limits regarding amount of objects, polygons or dynamic objects, but there is a soft limit: The Clients connected, their bandwidth, How powerful their computers are, and how fast you want something to be loaded, and how much you want to impact your visitors.

Lots of small objects also get easilly truncated by the render engine, so if the visitor is losing framerates, they will also lose fidelity and control over the scene, as they wont see it.

Still I highly suggest optimizing the scene just like in any other game engine.