Argument room. A place to disagree


Your viewpoint is wrong, you know nothing of virtual worlds.Do you know who I am, i happen to be a big deal


I don’t think we need such a room.


how dare you sir, do you know who i am?


Hahaha Judas. I was under the impression Forums are there for people to argue. Which is why I don’t comment much these days.

I’ll leave it to those with strong opinions to dominate conversations smiles


No you will argue,and you will like it


@judas, but keep the red buttons out of that room ! :smile:


Poor Me @Judas I’ve been poorly and already we argue :smiley:


Is this the point where I’m supposed to contribute to the debate by pasting a paragraph or two from Wikipedia?

'Cuz I don’t think you guys know what you’re talking about, and probably don’t know how to use the Interwebs.


@KDOgg If you have a sense of humour feel free to join in :slight_smile:


This is like one of them marriage therapy rooms.

@Judas - I think you’re wrong with your sense of destruction being constructive.


/me mutes everyone in the argument la la la im not listneing




Best. Ragequit. Ever.


Mis-read that as rageQUILT.

Pictured how long one would have to hold a grudge to finish making a GD quilt. Laughed.


Being an argumentative type I agree whole heartedly. Now there’s a dichotomy to consider.


Your none specific agreement runs completely against the spirit of this thread I SHALL SWITCH TO CAPITALS AND CHALLENGE YOU TO TAKE THAT BACK!


I am forced to agree.



do you remember grammar school was useful in the olden times ?


I disagree completely