Arrow keys get stuck on


Using the cursor arrow keys quite often get stuck and my view continues to rotate or drift after I have lifted the keypress, and I have to press that key again to get back to normal.


Yeah Ive had this happen a couple times.



i’ve also had this happen a few times lately – i havent been able to get a solid repro i’d like to fix this.


Yes, I looked at that with @Alan_ the other day and we could not figure out how to get a solid repro.
If you are able to trigger that bug consistently, please do let me know. (it annoys me quite a lot too!)


@c, @jamespollack Repro:

  • Open the entities editor
  • Press and release the left or right arrow key (just need to press it once)
  • Click in space so that the entities editor loses focus
  • Press and release the same left or right arrow key.
  • You start spinning and continue to do so until you press and release the same left or right arrow key.
    It’s like the key-up event after defocusing from the entities editor is being eaten somehow.


@ctrlaltdavid Nice find!!!
Ok, so it’s definitely a communication event between QML and the app.
I’ll file it with the repro.


I repro’d this too, was in the entity editor, clicked elsewhere then spin out of control, as @ctrlaltdavid described. This behavior must have crept in only a few main releases ago.