Article: Meticulous Visual Recreation Of Moon Landing Shows It Wasn't A Hoax


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This is an interesting article about how they recreated in desktop computer-graphics, with a new type of consumer-grade video card, the Apollo Moon landings in a way that exactly reproduced the way the light played across it and stuff. I post it here not because of the conspiracy-theory debunkiness of it, but because of the part where it describes how VOXELS played a part in the recreation of the scene, and of how voxels will be used in determining how the coloration of the raytracing will now work. Seems the new, coming video cards will have voxel support built right in! :smiley: :smiley: Lovely to see! :smiley: :smiley:


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Also, a few years back, Mythbusters busted a bunch of Moon hoax myths including both shown by the NVidia folks. People who think it was faked are just scientifically inept. There’s always been around 1 to 2 percent that thought it wasn’t real from day one, but no one really ever listened to them. For those people, I think they’re just mentally incapable of grasping it because of the tremendous achievement was so great, they can’t believe it. Since about 1999 though, since that faux documentary that Fox Television did, the numbers have greatly increased to somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 percent. The vast majority of these people are people who weren’t even born when the event happened, so it’s easier for them to buy into some conspiracy. I’ve even heard some people claim that they photoshopped the images, which is ironic, because photoshop didn’t exist in 1969 because we didn’t have desktop computers or Adobe for that matter in 1969.

Personally, I witnessed 6 different successful moon landings on 7 attempts, so I don’t need convincing. As for those who don’t believe it, I recommend Buzz Aldrin’s solution:


If it wasn’t true then it wouldn’t be on the internet


Oh yes there have been people on the moon. it is a pretty awesome achievement.

They didn’t had photoshop and nvidia technologie back in 1969, so it was technologically not possible back then to create a fake footage of a moon landing in a studio.
So I guess they would have to travel to the moon to create a fake footage there …

It would be cool if they would send some robots to the moon which would be controlled with the occults rift technologie. That sound really awesome, we then could walk on the moon from from our living room. (sound like the next step for mankind on the moon ?)


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