Asset Certificates and Asshat servers


I’m slowly working my way around the systems level design and code. I’m interested to hear some more detail on exactly how and from where assets are stored and retrieved. The system architecture description states:

The Voxel Server stores and serves the content that is found inside the virtual world.

However, Voxel Servers, as I understand it, are spawned and owned by individual Domain servers and aren’t connected to by clients from outside their parent Domain server. This would mean assets can’t be retrieved across different domains. In addition, the Voxels servers don’t seem to necessarily be persistent. So it seems that the Voxel servers are not really suitable for the role of persistent storage for assets.

The system architecture description also notes that:

The Digital Marketplace allows people to […] move these goods among different domain servers.

I understand that the Digital Marketplace will be responsible for monitoring / confirming / issuing permissions etc. Since this is where assets are all uploaded in the first place, will it also be where the assets are stored? Or would the system rely on some sort of distributed storage? In the case of the Digital Marketplace playing the role of asshat server, it’s going to get huge, and doesn’t seem to really fit with the lean-and-mean ethos underpinning the rest of the system.

Can anyone shed some light on where and how assets are to be stored?

As an SL content creator of 7 or so years, I’m also very interested in the protection of assets. Quoting from Gwyneth Llewelyn’s blog - I appreciate this is a third party source, but it’s the only reference I’ve found so far to a very interesting idea:

[Hifi’s services] provide you with a digital certificate and secure authentication procedures. So, yes, your sold content won’t be able to be opened up by anyone who hasn’t paid you for it. It might even be copied among users, but it will be digitally encrypted, so it will be worthless — unless, of course, you got a signed digital certificate from the original creator, allowing you (and only you!) to open it.

I love the idea of using secure digital certificates (issued by hf) to verify ownership of assets! Is this correct? I’ve so far not found any detail on exactly how this could work. If anyone has links to something I’ve missed (I’ve only been on this a few days) please let me know.