Asset Data Formats


Hi all, I’m trying to build a specification for my team to use when producing content and as much as I scramble across the website and forums, I can’t seem to find any clearshot answers.

The purpose of the choices is to find a suitable balance between server storage, and processing time before rendering.

What I’ve compiled so far is this list, please call out any mistakes so I can ammend it :smile:

Texture - Uncompressed Targa 32bit Image (.tga) (32px² - 512px²) - Disputed. Potential to use PNG.

Sound - Uncompressed Wave File (.wav)
Mesh - Autodesk FBX 3D Model Binary File (.fbx)
Animation - Autodesk FBX Animation Binary File (.fbx)
Script - JavaScript conforming to High Fidelity code specification (.js)


Well, from my point of view is quiet ok, 512 px tga is used also by Second Life :P, is a good choice between size and quality


Unless it’s changed recently - hifi does not support TGA. JPG and PNG. (Correct me if wrong please)

Other than that your spec list looks reasonable.


Can this be confirmed? PNG would be second best choice after all so I’d rather know in advanced before building tools to process the assets.


I could be doing something wrong - it wouldn’t be first time, but since day 1 here (last September) and up to today March 28 - an FBX using a TGA texture for me leads to it not rendering. The best way to test is to produce your own FBX asset with various texture types and test. But - I will say this. What works today won’t necessarily work tomorrow or vice-versa. This is in so much rapid flux that it’s very difficult to do any sort of long range plans based on “standards”.


I guess discovery is going to be the best course of action. Would the developers be willing to actually create an asset specification so that content producers can begin to produce a market without fear of formats changing?