Asset Transfer Protocol Using Network Attached Storage


I am running the Domain-Server on Ubuntu 15.10 and I manually updated all of my models to assignment-client/assets and I dont see the URLs in the log.


From the other thread I think that you figured it out - let me know if you are still running into problems.

I’ll shortly be adding an option to specify an absolute path to a directory you’d like to store your ATP assets in. This should allow you to store them on a network attached storage volume if you’d like - but they’ll still need to be reachable via a mounted drive on the machine running the Server Console.


Just checking the status on this @b. Will the Administrators of Console be able to make this designation on-install, or in the settings using the localhost webpage?


It would be from the settings of the domain-server webpage, same as the entity-server persist file path.

This should be relatively simple to implement, I’ll see if I can get this in today. It won’t handle migration of existing assets, you’ll need to drop those in the right place if you decide to change the path.


Excellent. Thanks! I’m looking forward to utilizing NAS as well as multi machine in-LAN supporting the greater single domain. @b, can you speak to how that will be accomplished?


You should already be able to accomplish that - you can run the assignment-client with specific options that would tell it to point to the domain-server on another machine. Currently it is not possible to do that with the Server Console. You’d either need to leverage the assignment-client and domain-server distributed with the Server Console or build the assignment-client and domain-server yourself.

Let me know what your setup would be and I can guide you through what the options look like.


Sounds great!

STACK_MANAGER_0 is Win7x64 Pro
STACK_MANAGER_1 is Win7x64 Home Premium

I’d prefer _1 to assist _0. Both are connected to a shared 200 Mb/s upload pipe. Shared on property with connected devices in my home.