Assets gone from domain


Not sure what is going on, but i did a clear cache = reload.
And now there assets gone, som e doors are missing. strange thing is that at other positions the doors are still visible.

Relog , TP to other domain. nothing works. And this is not really a new problem. i have seen it before, but then the came back.

Well, i check tonight again. High Fidelity is still adifficult platform to work on.

Now only the question if my script did something wrong. Not valid UUID This move happen after a clear cache.

Just tried another search in front of where a door need to be. and i found them on complete different location.

Ok, it looks like i did a position command in my script. But that still not explains why it’s moving from it’s orginal coordinates I read first before it get written back. It only can mean that interface is doing something and my script is doing something not. mabye the script got started before the entity where loaded.

Back to the hell of placing the doors again on the right position. It’s terrible in high fidelity todo that.


I removed the position command that seems to get 0,0,0 as coordinate with a clear cache. So with reset it does not move anymore now It’s still a dangerous problem that need soem check i think in some way.

Problem restored for now.


Is this not the issue that getters are asynchronous? You to add a completion function to ensure the data has arrived at the client.


For me the possible porblem looks that i do not check for zero UUID. and i think that is what did happen with the clear cache.

I need to look into that check to add in a good way.


Well, that fix did not help the beta 31 is terrible. i just wanted to check something on my door with new script. Not suprissed if teh cache did screw things in some way. because not the door works better with the script change i made hours ago.

Guess what ! The are moved again to 0,0,0 :rage::rage::rage:
This start to get annoying.

ADD: Well, i cleared cache, and guess what. the doors poofed again. I have double checked my script but there’s no movement command present. What sometimes feels to happen in high fidelity is that old script keep hidden running on entity. i can try one other thing and change the script name.

And to make it worse the other problem is back that entities soemntimes not appear to exist in the domain at all. I cannot find my door s back right now. Hope a relog will fix that.

Things would be less dramatic if the made a good edit/js where you can place entities in a normal way. But 2 years later it’s still not really improved. And it’s the mean tool creators need to work with. You not go build in HMD mode !

ADD: 2017-01-15
Really the clear cache option in developer need some love. Or the whole cache. I did clear the cache again for testing. Some entities did not appear again. SO a relog is always needed after a clear cache. But after relog i still mis entities. Strange thing is that one of the doors that normal did move is still on it’s place. The other 2 doors are still complete from the radar. and i did a scan for 33000 meters. That normally catch them at 0,0,0. I know the doors must be there but the radar not see it.

Teleporting to other domain and back did bring at least one door back on the radar and i could find it at 0,0,0 The last door is also on the radar now and located at 0,0,0. It keeps strange because in my script i do not set any position. and with a script reset the door does not move.

For now i can only block script start by generate url error. because there’s still no start/stop in the entities for scripts.

ADD: 2017-01-16 It seems the door only moves to 0,0,0 when i clear the cache inside my domain *close to the door for now). I cleared my cache in other domain and teleported in and nothing wrong happend.

Only problem when cleared cache on other domain is that i still have problems with some entities and the skybox is not loading. Relog. But the door at least dont move. So i really do not think it’s my script but a tiny hidden bug.

ADD: 2017-01-17
Just checked the Entitie id. as far i can check and see that one is correct and not a NULL uuid after clear cache is the script reporting uuid back. That still does not explain why the door maby times move to 0,0,0 with a clear cache.

Doing the opposite test now, and add at some location the entity position i did read at the start of the script. So far the prim did nt run away with a clear cache on local script. Now first update to beta 32.

Nope, the door moved back to 0,0,0 again after i did a clear cache test on beta 32.

I have one last idea, only need to figure out how to handle the Init when you get it from marketplace. It’s more difficult. But it sounds best to put the coordinates of the door in the userData where you set it. In theoretical that would keep the door on it’s place, Only harder to setup.

Going to try that soon.