Assigning audio samples to zones?


Is there any way to assign specific audio for different zones? I want to create soundscapes that consist of several layers that are triggered depending on your location. Any way to do something like this yet?


This page might prove helpful

it worked great, however mine appeas to be currently broken
see @KevinMThomas note (14d Sep) at end of postings


@thoys and @Konstantin have made an update to the above posting that @ritzo referenced as we are in the process of pushing the update up after all of the bugs are out. The difference with the updated script is that you enter in additional information in the USER DATA field in the Zone Properties.

    "ProceduralEntity":  {
        "shaderUrl": ""
    "stream": ""

Here is the link for the updated zone entity script. Keep in mind this must be put in the script URL of the zone entity.