Assignment Client - Busy state, state of assignments, transaction granularity, etc


I wonder if there is a way to tell whether a assignment client can be “safely” terminated… in terms of the jobs running and whether they are mid way in their computation.

I realise that some assignments might be for agents which essentially run forever, for NPC bots, etc. But I assume some could be computational tasks which have a finite transaction time and then terminate.

Do we have any way to see current jobs, and whether they can be terminated safely.

Also perhaps a small GUI and “stop” button for the assignment client could be useful rather than just killing it when we want to update or turn it off.


Stop button is usefull, for now i just kill it when its needed. thats the best test for high fidelity. because i think thats the scenario that happens most (shutdown, crash, sleep, hibernate).
If correct the running task is moved to other stackmanager client somewhere.


You can stop a running assignment-client (or a batch file running assignment-clients) by hitting CTRL+C. I don’t know for sure, but it’s my guess that since this is being designed as a distributed system, the fact that a particular client going down is an expected event, and that HF will react accordingly and start of find another client to hand the job off to. You therefore should be able to shut down any assignment client at any time without any ill effects. The engineers would have to chime in on this one, but I’m fairly certain it’s ok to terminate at any time for any reason. I have one extra assignment client running all the time, and when I need to shut down or reboot, I simply CTRL+C out and go about my business.