Assignment client crash on windows 8.1


i have ther assignment-client.exe running. but since friday its crashing after some time. the time is random. i did today update of the stack-manager, but that did not fix it.
strange thing, windows say its crashed. but if you click close on the error dialog the assignment client is still running. now is widnows not telling wich assignment client is crashing. the one im starting seperate, or the one thats running in the stack manager. No logs available. also windows have nothing logged right now.


There’s actually 6 started by the stack manager.


I see 10 running in task manager. Again i have domain server running and seperate stack manager. and because some settings -t -n are maby not compleet configured right to. system is a bit slow to (dual core) but not really high cpu around 50%-70% learning the hifi system, with that i can make changed and adjust things to.


Well the stack manager runs only 6, so if you’re seeing 10 (and you’re not running any additional clients), then some of them are “stuck” and not closing. You have to shut down everything, open the task manager, and kill each assignment client that is “stuck”. The assignment client is probably crashing because there’s 2 or 3 server updates a day, so the assignment-client code isn’t really ready for prime time burn testing. Once or twice a day I shut everything down, make sure no assignment client’s are “stuck”, and if so, shut them down, then run the stack manager, and typically it updates the software (including the assignment-client). Mine crash too occasionally, I take it as a sign to shut down and update the stack manager.


It seems the assignment client where set to run 6 -n 6 -t 7 changed it to -n2 -t7 now running 8 with the domain server. so that make sense :slight_smile: lets see if its running better now.


I have another assignment crash on windows 8.1 Here are the details.

Faulting application name: assignment-client.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x54010919
Faulting module name: MSVCR100.dll, version: 10.0.40219.1, time stamp: 0x4d5f0c22
Exception code: 0x40000015
Fault offset: 0x0008d6fd
Faulting process ID: 0x788
Faulting application start time: 0x01cfc6ea967c9ae3
Faulting application path: C:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Stack Manager\assignment-client.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\MSVCR100.dll
Report ID: c665aa7b-3318-11e4-be71-5404a67eb851
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:

Logged: 2014-09-03 04:17:03 (TZ: +1)


In recent versions of the Windows Stack Manager, when I STOP the following three services I get a crash report on the assignment-client.exe (I am not explicitly running a separate one note). This did not use to happen.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: assignment-client.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5410b8d5
Fault Module Name: MSVCR100.dll
Fault Module Version: 10.0.40219.325
Fault Module Timestamp: 4df2be1e
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00001ed7
OS Version: 6.3.9600.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 5861
Additional Information 2: 5861822e1919d7c014bbb064c64908b2
Additional Information 3: 84a0
Additional Information 4: 84a09ea102a12ee665c500221db8c9d6


Hi @Ai_Austin is this a machine that has been working OK?


The stop never worked before on the stack manager, since it works it mostly stop swith crash message. not sure if its crashing on all asignment clients. need to check that.


Yes @chris this worked without such a crash on stopping those three services until about a week ago or so.


I have the same issue, since the local domain issue has been resolved, whenever I shut down my domain, as I stop each assignment client I get a pop up saying the application has crashed. This occurs for each assignment client as I shut it down, it doesn’t happen with the domain server though.


You need to shutdown domain server first to do a restart. Try that and let me know if you still crash the Assignment Servers when you stop them.


Ok, I brought up the stack manager. I started the domain-server first, then brought up each assignment client from top to bottom. Then, I stopped the domain-server. When I closed the first assignment client, it crashed, but then the rest didn’t, so it did help a bit by bringing down the domain-server first, but the first client I bring down still crashes. I tried it a few different ways, and regardless, after bringing down the domain-server, the first assignment-client I bring down crashes, the rest then do not.


I run the stack manager on Windows 8.1, start the domain server, then each of the 6 servers in turn top to bottom. I don’t start any other assignments via the web interface or run anything else at all.

I then stop the 6 services/assignments in turn top to bottom. I get crashes on the underlying assigbnment-client.exe for most of these except for the particle server.

I can even restart the domain server and do it again with a varying number of 3, 4 or 5 assignment client crashes without existing the stack manger.


After a clean start of the domain server, i needed to shutdown again because windows update.
The following assignment clients did generate a crash.



Did the test again, like always first shutdown the domain server. But this time i added some delay before i started to shutdown the assignments.when am not to fats only the Audio assigment client seems to crash. Yes, it seems absolute something todo with the speed you stop the assignment clients, it looks like more crash when you click faster all the stop buttons.

Maby as test the devs can add a small 1 or 2 seconds delay in the code after you pressed the stop button. To see if thats working better on windows.


I think the problem is more than a simple delay … I get crashes even when stopping the services even after the stack manager has been running for a day.


@Ai_Austin, yes its more then simple problem. but i see only less assignment client crashes if i do the stop slower, most only the audio crash. i need to test it more. maby you can see what happens if yopu stop the domain server wait a bit , then the audio. and then waiting a bit and do the same with the other assignment clients.

Just want to see what happens if the add a delay in the code beteen pressing stop en really stopping the assignment client.


I am not stopping the domain server until last in my tests… I am stopping the six assignment elements in turn top to bottom.