Assignment-client.exe Question


Is it normal to have multiple copies of assignment-client.exe running on Windows 10 for HiFi? Right now I have nine copies of it running when I run the Task Manager and that just seems wrong.


Yes it is
as i understand it its split up into things like audio mixer avatar mixer n stuff like that
( i have 9 also)


Hi, I’m upping this topic because I’m having troubles with assignment-client.exe multiple copies.

I’m not able to update my sandbox because, even if I close it, there still are some assignment-client.exe processes running, preventing me to install the new version.

Anyone with the same problem?


Strange, not seen that for long time. Only way to solve it is killing the assignment clients manual that keep running after you did choice quite to exit the sandbox.

Just end task in task manger on the assignment clients that still run. then updte need to work.

Mabye it works after updating.


Thank you for your answer.

I can confirm that your hack does work. I did that way until now, but I was hoping for a more robust solution.


This is by far the biggest annoyance I have with Sandbox protocol updates.


It doesn’t seem to be a constant behaviour.
During the last sandbox update the assignment-client.exe processes stopped when I closed the Sandbox.


Yes pacepiro I have had the same problem, I blogged about it here:

I found out that you can turn off the assignment clients from the taskbar, which I did not know about. This time I was able to update the High Fidelity client software without problem!

Only now HiFi is broken :frowning: I can’t move when I am in VR mode!