I wonder me a bit, while the assignment-client.exe is so hungry.
it s a 2 X 2,4 Ghz CPU


Voice assignment client ?


yes I mean it s when a Client has join the Domain that I got this CPU traffic.
I have on my Client the normaly selectAudioDivice.js I don t saw more voice things.
I have shutdown the StackManager and restart then, there was still again the high CPU
I have stop the Task, then I could not see me after I have login.
Now I have stop/start the Server also I have stop the Task again and I could roam fine for now at my Domain.
The CPU is currently normaly 0% 8,5% 0% 3% 0%
but I have now only five instead of 6 assignment-client.exe s


Yes, why the high CPU? I checked the nodes, no listens for the audio mixer, the avatar mixer shows nothing to do. Logs for the domain server, assignment clients and scripts show no activity. and What else could causing the load?