Asus Xtion Pro, what can you do with it?


Looking a bit around, and seen the asus Xtion PRO, HiFi talked about the support some asus device. not sure if its this one. Also curious what Hifi can do with the Xtion PRO can it record animations etc. and i mean the whole body. Just curious. in case i get at some point a crazy day. The hydra’s are nice. but the have wires. can the Xtion PRO as example replace hydra’s ?

Also you have the Xtion PRO and Xtion PRO live need to read other time what difference both have.

wich asus model is High Fidelity talking about ?


No, the Xtion Pro is like Microsoft Kinect. It’s a depth camera. High Fidelity, as far as I know, supports it for facial recognition only at this point (someone feel free to chime in if I’m wrong), the Kinect can also detect hands, both cameras can detect whatever you put in front of it and program code for it.

Hydras have been discontinued. I looked around a few sites, they all still had listings, but they were all out of stock, and I read online they’re discontinued. I imagine a newer unit is on it’s way. The best hand controllers I’ve seen so far are the sixsense controllers, wireless, and more ergonomic when holding compared to hydras.


Depth cameras can, in theory, be used for full body mocap, but the resulting quality would not really be usable, hence the existence of these guys awesome but expensive system.

That said, I’d imagine that in the future, there may be uses for rough full body mocap for some applications.

But for now, AFAIK, the only use is facetracking.


Just where thinking, fantasy start sometimes to run its own rounds. the need to make wands with feedback. so as example you hold a virtual steerwheel / plane / boat or doorhandle you feel it. if you can implement in the wand a sixsens or hydra motion. it sounds a pretty neat system. only moveing is still a problem. Yes wireless is in this case betetr. only agraid for the weight. a wireless mouse is already heavy.

We just wait longer, until thing are developed a bit more, and cheaper !