ATP Assets, License and Domain Agreements


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This Monetization is discussed at

Now, branching off to your post earlier:

If content is placed in HiFI’s Github, that is then by default it is Apache License. And you tend to get compensated for the work if you do it via Worklist.

If you are hosting the assets them selves, High Fidelity acts as “browser” to display the content. Practically speaking you can apply your own licenses on them. Enforcing these Licenses, however is up to you, which practically applies for -all- of the content you place and host on the web, and it usually is presumed you have the right to do so, unless otherwise told not to host them.

However, After thinking this over, this will going to change once the new Asset Transfer Protocol gets implemented. Now we know this system will then be linkable through the marketplace. But what will the License be in this case? because technically the content can then be propagated in the cloud of domains, so one doesnt really have control of the asset if it gets shared (by choice)

With this, should there be an TOS for connecting one’s Domain to the cloud?

These are the questions we should ask next. And its a Legalese mess with parmesan cheese.


I have meant to say this for a long time and I might as well say it now. If anyone that uses 3d software becomes very skilled at using the software then they really should either try and get freelance work or make their own movies or merchenties. I personally feel I got tricked into virtual worlds with the promise of making a lot of money with the products I would make.
The 1st VW I joined was IMVU. When I joined they were many creator levels. The Highest level was Pro. To be a Pro you had to sell over 30,000 products a week.
As I said I was not particularly keen at the world it’s self but I made many friends in the 1st 2 years I was a member. Then in 2008 with the credit crunch I lost nearly all 3000 friends. But I had learnt how to use 3ds max. But it was too late for me to make money from the game. I was in the beta Cloud Party world for a year and a half and after everybody put in a lot of hard work Yahoo bought the world and it shut-down.
I have played around with making mesh for 2ndL but I do no feel inspired to go hardcore.
This might seem of topic but you really have to look to see if all these new games are going to attract new people or are we just free marketing tools for big company’s that want to sell Oculus Rift and other hardware.


Honestly, I never considered my SL products to be a source of income. I think it is the wrong approach to arrive to any virtual world, I got in because it was an easy introduction to 3d math and functional programming, as a leaping board to creating actual games… But I stayed around due to the friends I made.

I just created stuff and eventually people wanted to pay for the right to use my stuff so I obliged. Users also like custom stuff, so as a side, I also got commissions to create specific things.

It was a series of flukes that I managed to sell enough to buy and upkeep a sim for 2 years, and plus extra (Premium, Lots and Lots of games) while studying. It is not much however considering that this was over 5 years, when I was active. You get much more simply working in a stable job… Got more from commissions, but it was not as stable as product sales that simply ticked in the background. Eventually in my last years at uni, I even taught use of SL in a course on Virtual Worlds due to experience, but then I got another job,… sorta went from there and SL faded to memory for me…

Sure to some they can work really hard to do so, but it takes lots of hard work, but one can always expand from such to actual RL businesses…

But one has to remember product creation is different from commissions. Freelancing is contractual commissioning, while product creation is use licensing of a manifested idea. And some, such as IMVU has really shady ways of counting what is created: Ive seen many “works” that are actually created by someone else there. Same with SL. It occurs everywhere.
However having such agreements still opens such violations to potential ban and suites, which is why such should be made.

I discussed pros of High Fidelity “metaverse” vs other “vr world” platforms on the following post and Id just be rehashing my point if I rewrite it again.