ATP Auditing and Testing


I’m currently doing a pass on ATP since I believe we have a case where you can get stuck and stop receiving data.

I’m currently testing on @Judas’ domain free since he has many ATP assets. Does anybody have Europe or Asia based domain with one or two ATP assets I could use for testing?

@Judas, can you confirm what your upload capacity is? Seems to be about 5Mbps based on the download speed I’m getting here.


@b i have just converted my entire domain of Music to ATP.


RonCom is in Holland. I’ve just put 2 ATP things in there. The rest is from Dropbox.


I can put up a couple of objects through ATP onto my domain, located in Finland.


spot on @leo


@b, I’ve got an at-home fiber line I’d like to use with ATP. I have many assets hosted, but not yet converted to ATP (was going to wait) but I would like to contribute as a test domain. This is also why I intended to convert to ATP.

Current speeds:


Wow! I’m jealous of those speeds.

Do you have a test asset that is > 100MB that you could upload on your domain? It would be great to test and ensure that I can saturate our local network (100Mbps) in retrieving an asset from your asset-server.


Just to be clear: You need a single asset, greater than 100MB on the domain, served via ATP asset-server? Or can I have multiple assets greater than or equal to 100MB total?

Other info for your use:
Win7x64 Pro
Intel Core 2 Duo
Headless w/ Nvidia GT 670.
Gigabit PCI Express addon card


(placed realistically from my place to US, otherwise…)

As a Test, I dug up some ancient models I have sitting about in my archives: so now the domain named “center” has a 7.5 mb, 15mb and a 69mb ATP asset file on the domain as of this moment. They should be named correctly.

Ill leave them up for the next 48 hours (while I am sleeping :slight_smile: )


Both is fine, whatever is easier for you. Just want enough data so if I clear cache and hop to your domain I get a good reading on the average download speed.


Ok. I’ll get this configured for tomorrow. Should be ready by normal business office hours on the west coast. ~ 12pm EST.




I’ve had particular problems seeing anything with this alternative method Being trying to work it out but strangely I see everything obviously on my own place

This is not on a good day and this is not Fibre Hopefully this will come average for the future for everybody on the upload


Is there not some 100MB file we can all use. my VPS server have enough bandwidth sofar i have tested. would be intressting to put a file like that size in ATP too on my domain.


One of the annoying things this days fro me with ATP. it only start to make the objects visible when i rotate or mabey move.

Instead it’s loading the contant and view it as soon you login.
And right now things are worse, because something is wrong on the the system the VPS it’s running on. Things are very slow.


I think probably wrongly that’s something to do with throttle fps is not in focus
but that’s a guess i have reached the stage where i just make things up for menu items
’control with speech’, is used to brainwash other alphas to do my bidding


@judas that is a good deal of big words in a small paragraph.


I connected just now and did not see the download speeds I would have expected based on the upload pipe you have at your disposal. Do your speeds tend to fluctuate at all? Can you run a Speedtest against a west coast Speedtest server to see what it reports?


I’m currently running it against Comcast in San Fran… looks like you have a bottleneck in Cali… :wink:

and here is an identical run performed seconds later on Oxford, OH…

so… yeah… fwiw I’m not sure what to tell ya @b.

Let us keep in mind that I am using 3 different machines all on the same pipe all simultaneously doing things to the interwebs. :smiley:


question is the cache in the same location for the pr viewers as the normal ones?

and is dev-network reload all content doing the same thing as dev network- cache editor-clear