ATP mesh and seperate textures


I see a very valid reason to use not embedded textures in mesh objects. because you cannot reuse it and it’s bloating the file size.

But i still see problems if we wan to use it seperate, no i have not tried it. Not complete sure how. ALso the path would be different on ATP compared to what i use on my HDD. On HDD every project have the textures inside the same project directory. and i like to keep it that way to avoid confusion.

But that setup is a drama on ATP. everything in one big directory.
Not sure how far high fidelity is with handle external textures on mesh objects. Also not sure what a good way would be.

Am just thinking and puzzle about this. mabye others have idea’s to what we need or are missing. I 100% agree that we need something simple to use so we can reuse brick , wall and other textures.

ADD: I could create a seperate texture directory special for hifi whee i put the textures in. not bad idea possible. but then i still have a big change that the filepath is different copared to ATP directory. And sofar i know that is still a fail then. So maby Hifi need a parameter on the server where you can set a file path for the ATP texture directory, or something like that.


The ability to specify ATP file path has been added to the server Console. I tested it yesterday and it works great! I have not yet tested the ability to use a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, however as @b mentioned, there is no theoretical reason why this wouldn’t be possible.

You have to enable “Advanced Settings” in your Console Web Settings Browser.

If you do this, you can then set a different HDD to “textures” and simply put EVERY texture in there. Or as you mention you could do a different folder using the name of the model.




let us know what you come up with.