ATP -> Place inworld -> wrong entity size until you move it


Like i did pointed out on last meeting, the entitiy is not the right size placed inworld. first it where my mistake by using the wrong scale and metric where not set. I have fixt that now.

But the entity is still placed as tiny model. it pops to the right size when you move it.

ADD: Intressting the FBX did import with the correct size. but the OBJ without textures did go wrong. And when i finaly could select the fbx object it changed back to tiny size.


Just done the test again. It still rezz in the wrong size.
I don’t know if there’s any logic behind this tiny rezz inworld after you press the button "add to world’

I just did test with basic cube.

And this happens inworld after pressing “add to world” in ATP

Is this on purpose or still a bug ?
Also after i did the ugly bad ?v= trick things got still wonky until relog.