ATP upload extension selector not working


WHen i want to iupload a file and your go into blender dikrectory it’s full of files. So use the filter.

Problem, the filter is not working !


That’s on list to be fixed in future update to ATP interface.


Yes, it’s an issue with the current QML file browser.
I beleive @ctrlaltdavid is working on a new one with correct styling.
That should be fixed then.


@clement Not currently working on QML file browser; it will need to be restyled one day, though!


@ctrlaltdavid Thought you were, my bad.


Just tried to upload to ATP as well and it is not working correctly as the data does not go through.


And you run the latest server version ? it worked fine tonight with almost the latest version. But am running windows.


@KevinMThomas We have just pushed some protocol fixes in 4481.
Can you make sure you are running that build on both your server and you client?


Hey @c I will do so now. I am just pulling the latest build on my Ubuntu server and dl 4486 client. Fingers crossed!


It worked for me. because some buildings where not loading.


No good.


Oh forgot to test the ATP part. Going to test that tomorrow. But existing content. pretty much everything i haveon ATP is loading fine.


It’s weird because it says it can’t get the list of mappings, but it’s there in the background.


Hi @c just tested 4494 and Asset Server still not working. Just a heads up thanks!


For me on windows it works fine, i see no problems with ATP. 4494. I only know some builds ago i needed to uninstall the client and reinstall it to fix some problems.

Is it possible you still use in someway some old library on linux from high fidelity ?


No I pulled the latest build.




WHat happens if you use ATP on the sandbox domain ? For me it works without problems. Could you try something there too ? See if that works.


I’ve partially fixed the issue, but we setup a server ourselves on Digital Ocean so we can do more in depth tests and understand exactly what’s going on.
We’ll do that tomorrow morning.


@KevinMThomas Where is your server located geographically?
And also what plan do you use?