Attachment bugs


@Twa_Hinkle and I made name tags and noticed a bug related to attachments:

If an object of a small enough size, it cannot be resized down any further. If the object is infinitely thin (like a id plane that is thin) it cannot be resized up or down at all.

Also the attached entities will resize, regardless of their true 1.0 size. Forexample my pitchfork is smaller than what it is on natural scale when rezed. Is this scale taken from the size of the bone?

Rotations are also inconsistant for attachments, the x value is doing same as z value.

CC: @chris


Also I would like to add: the scale setting for attachments should be better than one decimal place for the non integer part. As it is now, you can not scale anything to less than 0.1 and can not make small adjustments to the scale as in: 1.15 or 1.23 etc.