Audience member needed today at 1:30pm EST


Hi All,

I’ve been running live interactive storytelling ‘experiments’ in High Fidelity for the last year or so. We call them MetaMovies. Very much in the Alpha stage with tons of technical and other issues. But lots of fun and we’re learning a lot. The live cast of 8 perform to one audience member at a time, we call them the VIP. We are running today at 1:30pm EST but our VIP (Charlie Fink!!) had to reschedule. So I have an open slot for anyone interested in trying this out and giving us some feedback. If you’re available today, Monday March 25th, from 1:30pm-2:00pm EST, and want to try, just respond here or email me at: Thanks!

Edit: All done for today, it was a blast. As this project moves into the next phase I’ll be posting more!


Glad to hear it! I would attend but the times are during my day job :frowning:

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Oh boo! That’s the tricky thing about this Monday 1pm thing - it’s the only time I can get all 8 or 9 of us together, unfortunately. I would LOVE to be doing this on a Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully the next one we can.

Well, I also love the idea of being on your show, Andrew William and I were emailing about it, maybe this weekend if we can all make it happen! I’ll be back in touch…


T: 212-991-8344