Audio jitter - unable to understand people


Hey I logged in to check HF out and went to the sandbox domain. I could see some avatars and hear that them having a conversation, but i’m unable to make out what they are saying because of the heavy jitter in the audio.

Is there a setting where i can increase the bandwith of whats comming in? Or some other solution?

Edit: enabling stats shows me I have an audio ping of 160 and FPS is 135


Are you on Windows 7, by any chance? IIRC, Windows 7 didn’t ship with audio drivers quite as robust as they should be - depending on the driver support offered for your particular sound device, this can lead to a lot of fun like what you describe. As a workaround, I can normally clear up the listening by disabling the recording/mic input - but that doesn’t really seem to be an option with the alpha client at this time.


Yep, using windows7. I’ll keep an eye on updates then.


If the devs are catering to the audio/musician crowd as much as they seem to, perhaps they’ll introduce ASIO support at some point. That neatly sidesteps this issue entirely - it’s specific to Win7 WDM audio


Just wanted to add that had the same issue today (first log in). Win7


I have found that increasing your audio output buffer may help with this at the moment. Try going to Edit->Preferences and look for Output Buffer Size (Frames) under audio.

You can try that.


This actually worked! Kinda weird to change the output and get better input, but I could actually understand someone.