Audio mixer broken in Beta Release 60


Audio-Mixer broken in Beta 60.
Co-creator and I can hear each other in Mexico and cannot hear each other in private domain.
The Background Audio is working fine (stored as an atp asset).
Not sure what is going wrong. Will check logs.

[12/05 15:30:22] [CRITICAL] [default] [8096] [assignment-client-monitor] Child process 9588 has crashed with exit code -1073740791.

Free items in Marketplace do not function either.

[12/05 16:24:46] [CRITICAL] [hifi.scriptengine] [Backtrace] [12/05 16:24:46] [CRITICAL] [hifi.scriptengine] rezEntity(itemHref = ' h i d d e n ', isWearable = false) at file:///C:/Program Files/High Fidelity/scripts/system/marketplaces/marketplaces.js:227 [12/05 16:24:46] [CRITICAL] [hifi.scriptengine] fromQml(message = [object Object]) at file:///C:/Program Files/High Fidelity/scripts/system/marketplaces/marketplaces.js:435 [12/05 16:24:46] [CRITICAL] [hifi.scriptengine] <global>() at -1 [12/05 16:24:47] [INFO] [hifi.commerce] "updateLocation" response "{\"status\":\"success\"}"

Beta Release 60

Is this with the default content set? I’m wondering if you have any other content that might be streaming audio that could be reproducing the issue.


Hey huffman!

Thought I might be attempting something odd, but no. It’s all standard. I also figured I’d attempt to spin up a fresh audio-mixer via:

assignment-client -t 0

and I got this:

[12/05 16:47:30] [FATAL] [default] [10100] [assignment-client] QMetaType::registerType: Binary compatibility break -- Size mismatch for type 'PickRay' [1051]. Previously registered size 32, now registering size 24.


Hey! Sorry for the trouble, hopefully we can nail down the issue quickly.

Could you give a screenshot of the contents of your High Fidelity/plugins directory for your RC60 install? One possibility is that you have an old plugin/dll in there that is inconsistent with recent changes to PickRay.


That is the server…

This is my VR machine…


Okay, it looks like the installer didn’t install the latest versions of those plugins. Is it possible that something happened during the install? Did it not finish installing?

All of the timestamps should be 12/5/2017 - could you try reinstalling RC60 on your server to see if that fixes it?

To confirm, your VR machine works correctly?


Yeah, I went ahead and dumped all the fresh .dll from the VR machine into the server and now I’m rebooting it… standby for results…

Keep in mind, i don’t install Interface into the server or the stack-manager into the VR rig… maybe that is my issue.


I just used the “echo server audio”… with good results… checking the nodes tab…


FUNCTIONAL! Marvelous job Ryan!


Hi @AlphaVersionD and @huffman, I moved this over so that it will be easier to find in case other people run into the same problem.


Excellent, glad to hear it’s working again! We’ve filed a bug for this - your quick responses were a huge help in finding the problem!

Keep in mind, i don’t install Interface into the server or the stack-manager into the VR rig… maybe that is my issue.

That’s what must have done it. You have several older plugins (maybe you did a full install in the past?) that won’t get updated if you do a sandbox-only install. There was a change in RC60 that made the audio mixer incompatible with those older plugins, so that’s why you were seeing it crash when loading them.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks again for the help in troubleshooting the issue!