Audio settings?


I have a mad aversion to some sounds and I can get panic attacks.

Could I change the audio to only hear people talk?



There has been a lot of discussion brought up in the past about this and the general issue of categorizing sounds so that each category could be adjusted (this is similar to what exists in SL viewers). It seems the answer is no. Even two independent categories, avatar audio and other audio, would be great, but there has been no interest whatsoever by the dev team to make this change. Sorry.



I have been playing it anyway but the object sounds are concerning tbh


Agreed. Click on the search icon and search for “Audio level”. You will find all the past discussions on this subject. BTW, there is one big improvement to object sounds that rolled in recently. It is the use of Ambisonics to create sound fields. You can define the level and also a distance cutoff. It’s cool tech but very expensive to set up. This is clearly the stuff of professionals - an ambisonic mike array runs $1600+ and that does not include the 4-channel recorder, another $500+.

In time, that sound equipment as well as VR gear will, hopefully, drop in price.


Is sounds nice on paper. not have tried it.
But it does not solve the real problem.

Like with many things in high fidelity , It feels more that the try to avoid things that really need to be fixt. And instead add and do things that are not interesting. edit.js is a very good example that need a hugh desktop improvement for a long time. And the same with audio, indtead of implement it correct from day one am afraid at some point it’s getting hard to implement what where required from day one.


Just reviving. I wanna know if they added an option to mute all audio besides voice chat?



No because some emissions come from the avatar themselves, which would then be done into the voice mixing. That being said, for everything else (sound emitters) it should be a thing to adjust it, but then an issue I could see are domain owners stating that it ruins what they had in mind on their server.