Audio Snap Crackle and Pop


The sound in HF is phenomenal briefly.

But most of the time its jittery choppy or just plain cuts

This afternoon a group of us wanted to hang out and play
some tunes

You know the kind of thing few guitars and delusions of grandeur.

We have all the gear though, guitars amps big nerdy

Mixing desks and an amplifier Jimmy Hendrix once pissed on.

Just didn’t happen.

All 3 of us couldn’t hear each other enough to try it.

It was as a shame.

HF has a lot of clever audio things it will do, but for now
the basics don’t work

At the Alpha meeting several people heard nothing.

We all want to help in any way we can.

What can we do?


Nothing to add except a plea to not forget the basics like this - its too easy to get carried away with all the other amazing stuff that is being worked on in hf right now, but while we all accept its alpha and things wont work right by the very nature of things, things like this can make the dream seem like castles in the air - we need to find a way to work on both in parallel


Oh my, if you ever get that to work, I would love to come to listen!


@vivienne U really should…was good (incredible) while it worked this afternoon - but wasnt for long sadly


Would be nice if people could appreciate how bad we can sound in the perfect environment lol


@Judas you sounded great. I muted my mic to sing along. For some reason I didn’t have the same sound issues you did though ?

  • selling a very old computer that HF voice HF works perfectly on - for a cheap price - only $10,000 grins


Currently in another platform (SL) - listening to one of the same musicians @KevinMThomas - great musician / poor sound quality which doesn’t do his talent justice.


is that in chrisdits?
Maybe its a different Kevin. I suggest a work list item to have Kevin repaired :slight_smile:


Might need a team to do the job LOL.


I have to support Judas’s opening salvo, waiting a week to squeeze a fraction of information out of here by attending the meetups, and I got nothing, no sound, strangely it was working 6 hours before, I know because I tested it to be sure, to make sure something like this didnt happen AGAIN as it has so many times before, well it did. Seriously, I could not hear a thing, I downloaded the new(er) client that took 15 mins because I was in a remote area (the very reason I downloaded a new client the night before) and by the time I got the sound working, the meetup was over.

Rant about getting info moved to a new thread, sorry it was misguided here.


@Judas. Were any of you on Mac and plugged into an ethernet cable? If so could you hear that person OK?


@chris I was on a mac and not plugged into an ethernet cable however I did a speedtest and I was uploading 20m and dl 100m download.

My results were similar to everyone else. When it worked, it was FAR superior to any quality that I have experience on a traditional 16bit stream in Second Life however it was very inconsistent. There are significant jitter issues where the other two performers would cut out for seconds at a time in addition to the robotic jitter.

There were 9 servers online at the time in the alpha domain. The sandbox domain had 5 and had an even worse result.

I think with tweaking this has the potential of really being the leader in music online collaboration.


I made a lil vid to highlight my issue (unlisted)

I have the echo server audio turned on hence the doubling up effect.
The stream is clear and pretty good on echo local audio.
Watching the vid you can see the audio server go unstable and a message go past in the little black window
Activating public socket for audio node for audio mixer.
Whilst i feel we should all blame @KevinMThomas for this introducing the evil of music to the world, I firmly believe we should keep him alive for now and make an example of him on launch night :slight_smile:


I’m working on that since about a week. First thing was to review the timing and stablize that, keeping CPU load under control. Next will be working trough the audio issues themselves. It takes a lot of work to get trough and take all OS and the different client/server variants into account but I hope that I’ll can come up with some ideas on the upcoming weekend.

Holde the line … stay alive. :slight_smile:


@TalentRaspel All we need to hear is your on it and we know its going to be ok :slight_smile:


Every little thing will be all right… Great song…

Despite the issues, HIFI audio still gives us the capabilities to do what we can not do elsewhere we are excited to be testing out this new technology!

If only @Judas would tune that guitar then it would be better.


For sure it is going to be ok when I’m working at it. :slight_smile:

Timing is fine now, CPU load is gone and audio is working fine on Windows … at least for me. Will get out the pullrequest soon.

There are three findings that have to be kept in mind:

  1. When having sloppy outgoing sound try to disable the audio noise reduction.
  2. Make sure that you have about 400-500 kbs upstream available. If you are at the limit avoid running other uploads or multiple interface instances.
  3. If you maximize the interface and get sloppy sound in combination with a framerate drop try to close all sidebar and docking software.

I’ll post when the interface dowload includes the fixes.


so itching to test it out, thanks so much for all your hard work


I second what Judas said. :slight_smile:


I like a third please.