Audio & Video Calls between worlds


Would it be nice to have the possibility to have calls between domains with your avatar friends? Or to be called when you are on the road to your mobile phone? Or to receive calls in your domain from the real world or from SL or other VR worlds? For those who have seen the “Ready Player One” movie could be a dream come true…

The solution is available. And it’s free, open source.

Install the application

As a tablet App load this script:
on web entity put this adress:

On android phone:
On Ios phone:

Choose your user name and a password and you are done.
After Signup/Login, you must join the highfidelity room and comunity:

room address:
community address:

For the more technical users who want to install a custom server and build apps:

Android app source:
IOS app source:

If you want to use your avatar for calls you need a virtual camera.

install OBS Studio:
install OBS Virtual Camera:

Enable virtual camera on OBS Studio, from the Tools menu.
Create a new scene and add as a source Game Capture and chose Interface screen.
From the Riot application in the Settings menu you can choose OBS VirtualCamera and microphone. From the HighFidelity interface menu you can chose View/Mirror or Spectator Camera to face the camera.

The application can be used also for chat, you can send text messages even the person is not online.

I’m waiting to be called. My id is georgedeac

Alternate Tablet Launcher