Auto hide nametags when making snapshot


I think it would be good for privacy and good for the picture to auto hide nametags if the are enabled on pictures.

Right now it looks like the sre not hidden.


I want everything hidden on piks well apart from the view . tho if kevin was also hidden by default that might be popular


It would probably be useful if there was a way to turn on and off, among other things, the showing of nametags in snapshots. Once HiFi gets farther along, there are going to be times when end users will want to do things like selectively hide everything that’s not a visible object in world (i.e. show only avatars and objects) and isn’t a related-to-that-place effect (i.e. particles and clouds) for the purpose of simulating a real-world-ish situation in RP or for machinime. Real life doesn’t have names hovering over peoples heads, so someone doing a snapshot of a 1920s village RP to place that picture into the village’s local newspaper in world wouldn’t have hovertext over peoples heads either. But you’d still expect to see things like particle streams of “water” spraying up from the decorative fountain in the village’s park and the like.

But there are other instances where you DO want the snapshot to have people’s name hovertext over them and stuff. Say, to report greifing to the domain owner so he can later ban the one doing the greifing.


Yes, maybe like this:


That’s the snapshot-related settings from one of the SL viewers, right? Yup, pretty much exactly what I’m suggesting for HiFi Interface.


Auto-hiding nametags in snapshots could be achieved if there was an overlay property, “hide in snapshots”. I could then add a menu option under the current View > Nametags item, “Hide nametags in snapshots”, that sets the property on the displayed nametags.


What would you think about making “Snapshot Mode” an actual toggle state?

Like: View -> âś” Snapshot Mode

That way everyone (and in particular scripts) could easily know when visual privacy filters ought to be applied in general, just by examining/monitoring the menu item.


That could be useful, too, though it solves a different problem.


course if the snapshots came out in layers like in photoshop we could post process them

Judas - making the simple difficult


As a toggle state, it might be useful for .gifs and video too. Also could be used to hide the HUD button itself.