Auto-mute microphone option when using face tracking


Developer > Avatar > Face Tracking > Auto Mute Microphone

If you enabled this option and you’re using webcam or Faceshift face tracking, when you step away from your PC for 5 seconds (i.e., lose face tracking for 5 seconds) your microphone is automatically muted if it is on…


Cool feature. I have a suggestion: could we make it so that if there is sound coming through still if web camera has lost tracking, that it would mute after silence? Im sure that sometimes we don’t even notice that we gotten off camera.


Strangely enough I was just explaining this to people couple of days ago about this feature glad you got it in
What Menithal Said I was explaining that to Max last night



Any possibility of adding in a quick user prompt to use as a dynamic input for the seconds variable?
Could be useful for others to set this value higher than 5 seconds. Just a suggestion.