Autodesk Character Creator


Some of this is free. Might be worth a try if you are sick of the similar looking fuse/mixamo avatars: Autodesk Character Generator


Hmm, did you already checked the license ?
How is the font size of the program ?

Curious if it have the same eylash problem as mixamo.
Yes that;s more high fidelity problem.


I believe that is the same character generator OpenWonderland was using (officially supported external to their simplistic built-in avatars) before Autodesk bought the avatar-generation company out and closed it (Note that AutoDesk did give plenty of notice and a grace period for existing users - including free ones - to generate and download a nice big swag of avatars before pulling the plug, so I’m not going to criticize them on that front.)

I assume, having done whatever internal changes (considerable work, by the looks of it) they needed for integration with their own products, they have decided to re-open general access to some extent.

From perusing the non-sign-up-required side of their web site,

  • They appear to have a better range of clothing than Fuse does at present.
  • Paid version has anatomical accuracy (no naughty bits for free!)
  • Free version is low-poly only (which, depending on how low poly that means, may be all you want for live-VR-use anyway)
  • Facial expressions (via blend shapes and bone rigs) requires paid version.


it’s horribly outdated, it had good lod options for mobile export, I don’t think it’s been supported in a long time.
It does do face morphs.