Automated Agents


Hello all

I wonder High Fidelity supports the creation of automated agents. This would require the integration of services such as IBM Watson or Amazon Lex and some kind of avatar animation system that will produce gestures automatically based on the spoken output. The interaction with users should be controlled by scripts. Is there such feature on High Fidelity? If not are there any plans to produce it?

Many thanks


I’m working on incorporating lex into high fidelity but someone else will probably have it done before I do.


Any idea who? or how I can access it?


there was someone else who had incorporated an aiml bot into a domain the domain was medi-something. I’ll see if I can find it


This is the one:


The easiest way to integrate AI bots in HighFidelity is by using a client application which will drive the avatar of the bot and route the audio for input and output thru a virtual cable application on a web application that will do the speech to text and text to speech and also the cloud logic for conversation.

Using this approach the avatar will have the automated animations for talking and expressions, and if you want to trigger some special animations like walk, dance, or other actions,you can use a script that will use fbx animations that will override the avatar animations, based on specific response triggers.