Automatic interface.exe updater broken


The automatic updater and downloader seems good broken. its telling you the old version but no new version. when you press download nothing happens.
Downloaded the latest version manual, and then it still say there’s a new version “.”


ditto. I had to manually log on to the download server and get the latest Win version 2062, but that now says its incompatible with the (just this morning) up to date Stack Manager win 57 with latest resources, etc.

Oh dear… this happens too frequently.


Seen the incompatibility error message too @Ai_Austin


Make sure you guys are running both the latest version of interface (from AND restart your stack managers. The issue with the updater was caused by the client not handling the .io -> .com redirect for the latestVersion.xml file and I pushed a fix yesterday, however, unless you manually go and download the latest you will continue having the issue.

Also, make sure your stack manager gets the update. If you run into issues with the SM selfupdating please ping me.



SM Win 57 and Interface Win 2063 work together fine now, thanks @leo


Last time i logged in with the problem where on the high fidelity sandbox. with version 2057.
installing 2076 now, and why do i still get that microsoft runtime installer ? im sure in weeks the microsoft runtime never changed.

Seems to work with 2076, now we need toi wait for next update.


would be good if it was just a check box to install if u get an its missing message rather than it hanging around thinking if its going to install every time


Your clamors have been heard, behold version 2077 (and onwards) where the runtime will not repeatedly get installed.


Works for me :slight_smile: thanks @leo


Still experiencing this issue where interface does not prompt you to get the latest version, the result is invariably "incompatible"
I have to go to the and check to see if a new version is available, and it is.