Automation versus Interaction


I would like to ask the alphas here about specific examples of too much versus not enough. When does automation become an inconvenience?

I will start the discussion here with an example:
The example is that of a door. This door is locked. I have 2 ways to unlock the door.
• I can choose to physically use my door key
• I can allow the door to unlock itself using authentication tied to a smart-device.

This scenario does not actually exist for me, but I am using it to steer the conversation. I type that part because I want to avoid folks chiming in just to tell me locking my doors with electronics isn’t very safe. My REAL doors are manual… so your argument is invalid.

I’m simply putting together a list of things that would be better if automated, and those that are deemed very inconvenient when controlled via smart-device. Returning to our first example: I will have doors on my domain. Doors of which YOU the visitor CAN open and unlock. Would YOU prefer to have that door UNLOCK itself, or would you rather use a virtually-physical representation of a door key (card / other)



I’m not sure I understand.I think you mean like a second life sofa, right click to sit down on it. or just walk up to it and sit on it?


You do. You understand exactly what I’m looking for. We have our second example, the couch. What say you about the “door”? I mean, considering common sense says, “it’s a computer generated world. automate it.” but then we run into, “hey this is VR and we have hand controllers (future), let’s make EVERYTHING manual” so, I’m at a bit of a crossroads here. Automation versus Interaction…


I think I want a door to open when I walk into it.unless its locked…because it could become annoying…
I don’t know how I want a sofa to work. i don’t like pose balls I think they are confusing. but I don’t wanna stick to a sofa I was just walking past.
It needs to be intuative


Oh and trust me; this place will be CRAWLING with the “Gifted”. This thread is a way for me to chart what folks consider intuitive by it’s very nature.


The situation so far:

Automatic Couches = NOT GOOD
Automatic Doors = GOOD

Automatic Locks ?


I would prefer a combination of the two. Automated door locks with a manual controls as well, unless it is an airlock door in which case it would need hard-to-get-to-in-the-nick-of-time-for-dramatic-effect manual overrides.


I’m pretty sure the novelty of using your hand to turn a virtual doorknob to open it will wear off quickly.


There are use cases where an nice door handle with a lock with a mechanism like a wrought iron dragon would be perfect and you would want to see it work.Key card again like in Doom where you need the correct one to gain access. Or possibly for practical actual security something tied to a user id. About 70% of the doors in the town center are just automatic. We need to establish that a default door is automatic, a game door needs a solution and a security door is tied to user data maybe


Pod bay doors need a computer controlling them.


Funny, opposite from what i want. most terrible thing i see a doors you need to walk against to open. Because click it to open make more sense. so you click to open the door. But because the door is a walk activated door also it start to respond confusing.

Couches you need to click on with special key, or something like that. Secondlife have some click and sit. and the always screw your thing your doing. Also a couche need to scan how far you really are away from it. and ignores evbery sit action further away then 1 meter. This possible solves my problem to with unwanted behavior.


My quick answer is I operate under the assumption that all objects are somewhat smart and can recognize me (the avatar), hence they will do my bidding.

When the level of fidelity is raised (use of keys, grabbing door handles, etc., all of these interactions require some initiator and the level of annoyance depends greatly on how easy it is to trigger the initiation. If ever you have worked in a place that controls door access through use of proximity key cards, you might remember how convenient and cool it seemed to grab your card off the lanyard with your hand, then wave it in front of the badge reader. Then, later when your arms are full of documents or equipment how massively inconvenient that turns out to be. Quintuple that annoyance in a virtual environment.

The analogy in HF is all about how convenient (or not) it is to perform virtual analogs of grabbing things, waving them about with reasonable accuracy. Oh, and about your pockets (inventory), about that lanyard (attached objects)? Just how easy is it to get items? Presently it ranges from not easy at all to impossible.

Until some higher issues like that get settled, and here I do not mean implemented, I mean settled as architecture, it is all massively inconvenient to expect much in nuanced interactions other than bumping into things. That we all can do fairly easily, well, mostly easy.

Also, we are going to have to consider that for some time not everyone is going to have hand controllers and HMDs. If consideration is not given to how to nuance interactions in various modalities, that will quickly create a division of haves and have nots which will translate to dislike or like HF.

So, my answer is automation trumps interaction to ensure convenience.


voice avtivated?


Well said! :+1:

Automation also seems preferable given the looming prospect of virtual discrimination.

Those with special needs and disabilities currently include each and every one of us because jacking into the metaverse effectively confines us to virtual wheelchairs. Biped avatars using Hydras? Virtual paraplegics. Biped avatars without? Virtual quadriplegics.

Just sayin’… an avatar’s life is tough.


When I be come in hifi, I first of all have thought about - what would be the best way, to realize a hug. Should this be automated or should the people go one to the other and activate the hug interactive?

I think, this also depends of, how easy the people can find the right position in a interactive way. If they need 5 min, to come there, so it is not practicable. Maybe a way between automated and interactive is the best in the moment.


I think both.

  • The sensor controlled hug
  • the scripted hug. because not everyone is having sensors for the next 5-10 years.


Necro’d this topic. New sub-topic of relevance aboard the AQ; elevators. Now that I have a built-in QML User Interface with the ability to warp wherever a guest desire; I ask, should I worry about an elevator integration?