Automatoc Placement of houses using geographical coordinates



Consider I want to create a place corresponding a geographic place in a world defined by an origin having longitude and latitude.
I have a number of objects (houses streets ) modeled in 3d Keyhole Markup Language (KML) formate.
It is possible to include longitude and latitude in each kml file.
I need a routine to import an automatically put every house on right place according to its gecoordinates.
How do that?
Thanks! .


Hi. You’ll need a function to convert the latitudes/longitudes to northings/eastings in metres (High Fidelity’s units x, y, z coordinates are in metres). I.e., a map coordinate projection such as Mercator or other projection depending on which part of the world you’re modelling.
You can then use the northing/easting magnitudes as High Fidelity’s x- and-z-coordinates.