Availability of a list of locations and people met


It seems that names once used by an avatar for a location cannot be reused or overwritten… e.g. if you want to change the location slightly to be on a voxel plane level rather than hovering. A way to reuse a name after a simple check of “do you want to overwrite a previously saved name” would be useful.

I assume such location names and their use for #location movement are only unique to any one avatar? Or are they global?

That’s got me thinking that a list of such names saved would be useful too.

And similarly a way to save and lookup names of people met to start to build communities?


Possibly tagging the place name to the creator so they can re-locate it.
I named my land judas but at some point it seems everything moved, now I cant move the name to the new location.
But then we could end up where someone has a name gold rush and bags all the good names ( free sex, free money, free Nelson Mandela .etc.)