Avatar Attachments


Great new addon appeared in 512 and thats avatar attachments.
This allows you to load a fbx model from a server and stick it to your body.

I made a low poly guitar a while back

Using the above settings I got it to attach
this wiki link has all the bone names if you want to attach something elsewhere https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/wiki/Naming-Your-Skeletal-Joints.

Very cool new addon big thanks to who ever made it :slight_smile:


made some glasses all the better to see you with lol
weirdly attachments don’t seem to show up in the little mirror view but do in the full screen mirror.


Glad you’re enjoying the attachments! You can also upload them to our server, allowing other people to select them (as with the avatar skeletons/heads). Just go to File/Upload Attachment Model.


@Andrzej Hi Andrzej at some point over night between 515 and 520 loading attachments from my own server seems to have stopped working.
I uploaded them earlier to Hf as you suggested using the uploader, but now Its not displaying the textures.
The log seems to say they were recognized and uploaded and they are on the public server.
Also they seem to be positioning somewhat wildly. the sunglasses were built around the Ron avatars head as it was located In Blender, so I would have expected it once connected to the correct bone to be about in the correct position with the locations all set to 0, but it was a couple of meters above me. I was able to edit them to position.Perhaps I should position the model at 0,0,0 in Blender but that would make building things to fit the existing avatars tricky.


@philip has been getting his avatar ready to rock out!


Sorry about that. We changed the translation property of the attachments to be in world space, rather than model space, so the translations you had set before will now be too large.

As for attachment pivot points (so that the attachments rotate around a sensible position rather than whatever the origin happened to be in the modeling program), that’s definitely something we’re thinking about. We’ll probably do something like allow you to set the root joint or translation offset when you upload the attachment.


@Andrzej Do you have any explanation why a texture that loaded on a model in my server doesn’t work on yours?


That’s actually something of a red herring. I changed something in the FBX loading that broke the textures on your models (no matter where they’re loaded from). I should have it fixed shortly.


ahh yay all working again, i was starting to feel like charlie brown when lucy holds the ball lol.We have textures :slight_smile:


If anyone wants to try the guitar and sunglasses here are the positions i’m using for the ron avatar


The avatar attachments dialogue seems to have changed for the worse in desktop mode
We use to beable to mouse wheel scroll to whip through the coordinates, now we cant leaving us going click click click
it also dislikes typing number into the windows, like trying to change 5 to 50
should i be doing this in vr instead ?


I have also a question to this Topic. There is a list of attachments, filled with one object, a guitar. But I have not seen an option how I can add something new to this list? Maybe someone can tell me?


you can paste in a url to the model, the guitar is just a thing thats allways been there, as a bit of an example


There are two different kinds of attachments now-a-days. When a user visits Avatar Island, they are automatically given the ‘Wear App’ a script made by @thoys. This script interacts with Avatar Entities differently than the legacy attachment window. My gut instinct tells me they will have to keep both of these windows, because they perform significantly different jobs. For example, if you wanted your guitar to have a custom .js upon it; you cannot do so using the legacy format. Likewise, you cannot access any properties of a standard attachment whatsoever. The new way is far superior and I’m actively engaging with it daily.

Try IT!