Avatar / camara start spinning when rotating your avatar


This problem is pointed at before. But i have it now regulair.
When in EDIT mode, and rotate your avatar it sometimes start to spin and not stop.

This must be a problem in edit.js , because it only happens in edit mode. It seems if you close edit mode you stop spinning.


It doesnt just happen on edit mode, it also occurs with the script window open.


Uhmm oh. i have the problem more that i close the edit window but edit still keeps open. it would be nice if you close the edit window that edit get disabled.

So, not seen your problem for now. :open_mouth:


This problem seems to have gotten worse and my guess is an interaction with overlay panes. What seems to be happening is that key-releases are getting lost or improperly rerouted when switch between the main screen pane and overlay panes. When I find myself spinning out of control , I click on the main window and then tap the key in the direction of my movement. That then sends a key release, gets paired, movement stops.


This happens all the time now, and it seems to happen for me no matter what I have open, if I click another button while I have a movement button presses, the movement key locks on.

Example if I start moving forward, then add the UP key to fly up at the same time, releasing both keys does not release the forward movement.

It happens most when I simply move forwards and turn at the same time, the left/right key locks on.


We’re aware of the issue. I believe it’s most likely caused by some unanticipated consequence of this PR: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/7627

I have an open bug for this and am looking for a fix.


Just updated to #4904 and this is still happening.

Either the fix didnt work or it wasnt included in the merge.


Oh no, because it start to get annoying. it did happen the last 10 days much more for me. Also when build tools where closed. just teleported back from sandbox and it happen. Need to install latest version first.


Its very annoying and downright distracting, it happens every second time I press a movement key and it is putting a drain on everything I do.

I kept fairly quiet about it because I was expecting a fix in this release, the fix didnt come so now I’m hoping we dont have to live with this for too long.


I believe I have a fix for it in this PR