Avatar cant move forwards


Only since today, my avatar wont move forwards or backwards, it only spins on the spot.

But thats if the interface stays up long enough, which it doesnt really.

Is anyone else having an issue with a kinda frozen avatar?


Whenever that’s happened to me in the past, I’ve deleted Interface.ini and suddenly I can move again.


Thanks David, its never happened to me before, and I havent had to delete the ini for a long time, I almost thought I didnt have to anymore, but I did and it solved the problem. Also solved a few slow loading domains for some reason.

Note to self: delete the ini file regularly as a maintenance thing.



You can also force a crash and select the middle option as a “refresher.”


win 3242 viewer is crashing in free and shop and ride, tried with no scripts using the various clear ini options.
turned off rig animations and the avatar.


Cannot test it, your domain is down !