Avatar Creation: Free Instructional PDF & Class(not free)


Hi Everyone,

I have created an unofficial HiFi support doc of my workflow to rig/skin and export a model for High Fidelity avatar. This free document is called: Avatar Rigging in Blender available here. Soon, it will be available as a HiFi tablet book at CedarLibrary in the HiFi Support book shelf.

Avatar Rigging in Blender is a 16 page PDF including ‘Good To Know’ explanations, so readers can grow in understanding. Also, ‘IMPORTANT!’ flags on crucial bits of information. If you’ve had trouble getting your model into High Fidelity and all you need is the information, this doc should be very helpful.

If you need more help, I will be doing a Rigging Binky Dragon class, with the popular Binky Dragon model. December 3, 2018, 7pm Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -6 hours) It will be approximately 2.5 hours, screen share meeting(not in VR). The cost is $45USD per attendee. There is limited space. Request enrollment here.




cool :+1: It should be noted though that avatars hosted as drafts on the marketplace will be deleted after 30 days, at least that is what the documentation says.


Hi @silverfish, Thanks for the comment.

I would say the HiFi documentation doesn’t reflect what is currently in practice concerning marketplace drafts. I was told by a HiFi help desk employee that this is the recommended way for users to host our avatars.

I have a couple avatars hosted as drafts, older than 30 days. The links are still active. However, if I were try to ‘edit’ the marketplace item draft, I will receive a pop-up that the draft is expired and the item draft is deleted.

In practice, this method works as long as a user doesn’t try to edit the marketplace item after 30 days, the draft is not deleted automatically, but triggered by an attempt to edit. I will add that to the Avatar Rigging in Blender document. Thanks!