Avatar default height


Because you work more with mesh in High Fidelity.
It would be good to know what height the default avatar have.
I would say around 1.85 meters. so as exampel adoor would be around 2 meters then.

But whats really the default avatar height ?


My guess is that it’s yet to be define at this point. I looked up the average height for a human and it’s about 177 cm, so I’d say 1.75 meters would be closer for a “default” avatar. Technically, right now, the leg-less floating avatar is the default avatar at the moment. Found that out the hard way. Not only is it the avatar you’re wearing when you first get here, but it seems the interface doesn’t care if you have an internet connection or not, and if you don’t you come in wearing the robot.


Then i keep 1.8 as reference, means a door have a height around 2 meters. (maby 2.10)